Monday, January 7, 2013

Universal L bracket with multiple captive style slot

Fallowing request  from camera user where mounting  hole is off center and my standard universal slot is not the best choice i did create additional base for L bracket. ( base 4)
Dimensionless are identical to L base 3  but instead of one slot running left -right this base has 6 captive style slots running from front to back.  Captive style slots are spaced every 3/8 inch  (9.5 mm)
Base plate has been also equip with two safety stops.  It may not be first choice for users who need to access ports on left side  but may of us don't use them at all.

 If you don't need L bracket you can remove side and use it as standard arca type camera plate

4.875 inch long  L bracket assemble

3.065 height

1.5 inch wide

Weight 4.1 oz (116 g

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