Thursday, April 28, 2011

HEJZAL product line

HEJZAL is a new product line, a collaboration between me Chris Hejnar along with a new engineering partner (hence the ZAL in the name). We are planning to release a series of new higher-end products over the coming months. First two products are now ready. Monopod Head and a Macro Rail.

News and updates

I have more and more request about option to buy items not on e-bay and directly from me.
Good news. Web store is coming soon. I hope that everything will be ready before sumer time.
I didn't expect that this project require so much time.

Works in projects:
Improvements to micro rail, dual stage X-Y will be ready in few weeks
I am also working on more advance option for micro rail.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Panorama setup on a budget

(C) 2010 S.C.Vlachos

There is many solutions on the market to build panorama setup but either you have to pay a small fortune for a rigid and vibration free construction or risk a lot of work on a less expensive copy ending up with blurred images. I was contacted by the end of 2010 by with similar problem . We did decided to use my current G010 series of rails and create one more variation to already existing 90 degree connectors. That how G103 connector was born. It is working only with G010 and G011 rails but you can put any size of load on this setup. The difference in this block from other 90 degree blocks, is that it has 2 x 1/4" tapped holes on the vertical side thus taller and 1 x 1/4" tapped hole on the horizontal plain accompanied by an anti twist island. Then the horizontal (or bottom) screws are fitted one on the Block and one on the Rail hole. Set include two G010-80 rails and G103 Conecting block. This parts connected together serve as starting point for single and multi rows panorama. Additional rail, clamps or rail with integrated clamp ( nodal slide )will be required for multi row panoramas. You will also need one or two pano clamps.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Arca Swiss type Clamp for Manfrotto 222 or Bogen 3265 Joystick Head

I was machining clamps couple of weeks ago and i decided to adapt them for my old Manfrotto 222 joystick head. I believe some of newer version can accept his arca swiss type clamp also but i didn't test it. I am referring to Manfrotto 322RC2 amd Manfrotto 324RC2. As of now clamp can be placed on Joystic head only in one direction ( please check picture) Thickens of clamp must be increase about 5/16 (8mm) if i want clamp knob facing opposite direction. ( camera lens side)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Manfrotto 405/410 adapter for Arca swiss Kirk Really Right Stuff clamps

This combination of plate and clamp will let you use Manfrotto geared head with any arca swiss equipment. Manfrotto gear head is more precise than ball head and preferred by many photographers. Many architectural and interior photographers actually prefer geared 3-axis tripod heads rather than ball heads because they can make precision adjustments to each axis. Two popular heads are Manfrotto 405 and 410 which each use Manfrotto QR plate. Arca-swiss plate fans can now bypass this. Clamp can disconnected from plate and use independent on other equipment if needed.

Please check
for update.
There are some changes in Manfrotto design