Thursday, March 24, 2011

Macro Rail with slider lock down

New and improved Micro rail or focusing rail.
Same changes compare to previous version.
1) bottom rail thickness has been change from 1/2 to 5/8 inch and additional bars across has been added to increase strength of rail
2) Slider now has lock. After adjusting position you can lock down this position. No accidental movement any more.

Camera to subject distance can be adjusted in fine increments . Lead screw delivers 1.06 mm of travel per full revolution. Fast positioning can be done by pressing slider release lever and slide the slider on top of the rail. After seting position slider can be lock in position with side lock. Works very nice as a nodal slide.

X-Y version ( Dual stage ) is also available

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nodal slide

5.00 inch multi purpose rail with removable flange and 1.5 inch mini clamp. Something similar to rail with integrated clamp after assembled. Works nice as nodal slide for same cameras and short lenses. Removable ridge can be mounted in various location. It can be used as lens plate for collared lenses. It works as body plate for same cameras

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monopod Head

Update to this product can be found at

Monopod head is finish. As usually my first time around with new product i did only few of them.
My friends has been testing them for a few weeks now. For now clamp can be mounted on directly with knob on left or right. If you need to mount clamp in orientation when knob is in camera front or camera back you have to use additional plate. I am working on new clamp design with option of mounting on monopod head in any orientation without optional monopod plate.
MH can be mounted directly on 3/8-16 stud found in most monopods. If you need 1/4-20 connection i do provide reducing bushing. Bushing when not needed is store on monopod head itself. Please look on first picture. They are two round openings under clamp to the left and right of center axis. On right side you can see bushing screw in.

Monopod head can be placed in any arca swiss compatible clamp in any direction you wish. Bottom of MH does have V grove for that purpose.

Lens Support Bracket

Lens support bracket is back with few modification.
I did extend center slot. Now it is almost in line with supporting wheels. Additional material has been removed on back to bring weight down.
In addition to bracket i did created new supporting package with 6 inch rail. Same of you had complain that 8 inch rail is to long for 70-200 and similar lenses. 6 inch is going to work much better.