Friday, July 29, 2011

Arca Swiss Conversion plate for Manfrotto 405/410 adapter plate - Update - Works with Really Right Stuff, Kirk,Markins, Wimberley

New updated adapter plate for Manfrotto 405/410 gear heads
They do include bubble levels now, and with my F63 series clamp thank to small cut out in the clamp original level is also better visible.
I do have Revision 0 (rev0) plates 

and Revision 1 (Rev1) plates.

Update as of Dec 2011
After few months since change was introduced looks like all 405 gear heads are equipped with REV 1 mounting pattern  and Junior head 410 is equipped with REV 0 mounting pattern.. This info was confirm by Manfrotto help desk in Italy but I didn't receive confirmation that all of them are made that way.  Just in case I would sagest to purchase gear head  before placing order for adapter plate.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New clamp design


F63a( short knob option)

Few changes to my clamps
1)I was able to remove same additional material from clamp and brig weight few grams down.

2)Older clamps had very shallow relieve groves and rails from some manufactures could not work correctly with my clamps or stop screw had to be removed. Current groove depth is 0.105 inch ( 2.67mm) This will solve issue with Benro and Fotopro rail. Thank to S.C.V Photography for pointing this out. Clamps are made in three different sizes -
F62 and F62a - 2.375 jaw length
F63 and F63a - 3.25 jaw length
F64 and F64a - 4.00 jaw length
Version with "a" represent clamp with short knob option

They are great addition to E034 rails

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vertical rail

Panorama vertical rail . Three components are included into assemble. F69 Clamp with two captive style slots, connector block G103 and G010-80 rail. Great addition to your panorama equipment.
You can build different length. Picture show 8 inch but 10 or 12 inch can be assembled the same way if needed

Monday, July 18, 2011

Double side clamp - Part # F50

Double side Clamp
Length 2.375
Height 0.825 total and 0.45 between clamping surfaces ( between rails -picture 1)

One side open complitly to place rail into clamp from top. Other side has two V cut to prevent rail from falling out when jaws are not closed. That also required rail to be slid into clamp and not placing it into clamp from top/bottom. Small V on end also prevent any object to fall out if clamp is not closed or opened by accident. I strongly suggest using that side of clamp as bottom clamping surface.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Update to Manfrotto 405/410 conversion system

Old Design

I just learned that As of June/July 2011 Manfrotto made some changes to their 405/410 gear head. Changes are not big but it will cause some compatibility issues with my current adapter plate for arca swiss clamps. If you look on picture below you will see that additional hole has been placed between big tapped holes (currently use for mounting conversion plate) and edge.
If you notice that additional hole on your gear head you can be sure that my current plate will not work.
My current setup will only work with previous revision of gear heads. Please check opening location before placing order. See drawing and picture for references.
New Design

New adapter plate will be ready in few weeks. I am not sure currently if i can make one design to work with two models. I am awaiting for new gear head to arrive and then i can determinate that.
Will keep you updated

July 26 2011
New plates for 405/410 Manfrotto gear heads are going to be ready by the end of July.
I hade to make two different design to accommodate changes Manfrotto did in last few months to this heads. Outside they are going to be identical but mounting hole location will be different so if you going to order please be sure you are ordering plate to ether older head ( REV 0 plate ) or new (REV1) Plate . I will post picture in few days when plates arrive .

E034 Rail

This is updated E32 rail. Current model number E034. Bubble level has been added.
Main purpose of this rail is to help you convert standard clamp from different manufactures into rail/clamp combination. Something similar to rail with integrated clamp. Works great as nodal slide