Thursday, July 21, 2011

New clamp design


F63a( short knob option)

Few changes to my clamps
1)I was able to remove same additional material from clamp and brig weight few grams down.

2)Older clamps had very shallow relieve groves and rails from some manufactures could not work correctly with my clamps or stop screw had to be removed. Current groove depth is 0.105 inch ( 2.67mm) This will solve issue with Benro and Fotopro rail. Thank to S.C.V Photography for pointing this out. Clamps are made in three different sizes -
F62 and F62a - 2.375 jaw length
F63 and F63a - 3.25 jaw length
F64 and F64a - 4.00 jaw length
Version with "a" represent clamp with short knob option

They are great addition to E034 rails

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