Thursday, May 26, 2011

Double Side Adjustable length Lens support system.

This is similar to what i presented yesterday. Same idea but instead of one 6 inch slider rail i do use two 4 inch sliders. I can support heavy end of the lens and also mounting side. Works very nice for heavy lens and lenses with teleconverter. I can create other combinations of slider rails. You can have two 6 inch rails or 6 and 4 inch rails. Of course basic ( minimum) length will change but it give you more flexibility

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Single Side Adjustable length Lens support system.

Base rail is 8 inch long and does include arca swis style connection on one side. Slider is 6 inch long and can overhang 4.25 inch past base rail if needed. Slider can be positioned on base rail with support part up if you have enough room between lens and rail, or in situation when clearance between lens and rail is limited it can face down to make space between lens and base rail.

Clear aluminum knob is 5/8 inch tall. You will need at list 0.875 inch clearance between bottom of lens foot and lens itself. If you have less than that knob may interference with your lens. End of slider is equipped with small clamp ( F012). This let you adjust LSB ( Lens Support Bracket ) high on the fly in the field without any additional tools or wrenches. Lens foot is mounted to Base rail with captive style 3/4 inch length screws.

I will have similar system with two side length adjustment ( 3 inch per side) ready soon....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bidirectional plates

Two bidirectional plates with one and two loop strap has been released.
You can use them on various cameras . Mounting plate is exactly 2x2 square

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spacer block for rails and clamps

Sometimes when i shoot panorama I wish I can raise clamp above E32 or E31 rail just a bit. Short lenses tent to catch end of rail in a photo. Simple solution was to create something to mount it between rail and clamp itself. I did create 1/4 and 3/8 thick spacer block and i am happy with it.
I don't have to carry two different set of rails for my panorama expeditions. Now
I only take longer one and if i mount short lens i just raise clamp to level high enough so rail is not visible in my picture

Update to Manfrotto 405/410 adapter for Arca swiss type equipment

Small update to my conversion plate for Manfrotto 405/410 geared head.
I did remove additional material on back and add set of holes for thous of you who are using clamps with side holes spaced 30mm apart.
Plate and F011 clamps set is currently listed in my e-bay store for 109.99 plus shipping.
Plate only for $60.00