Thursday, September 29, 2011

Newport Micro stage adapter

New addition to my store created by request from my costumers is a clamp adapter form Newport micro stage.
I was machining few custom plates lately to adapt Newport micro stage to arca swiss type. Newport stage is very popular among micro photographers.

Plate is designed to work with all Newport stages as long as hole mounting pattern is 1x1 inch or 2x2 inch

Monday, September 12, 2011

New 8 rail for panorama or lens support (G13-80)

New 8 inch rail was designed to replace G010-80 rail in same application.
Additional holes have been added to rail end. These two holes let you mount F12 clamp with dowel pins on rail end and prevent it from twisting. Works very nice with lens support bracket when quick high adjusting is required, when you use multiple lenses with this setup.

Second improvement is incorporating bubble levels.
You can now build panorama ( replacing one G010-80 from this setup with G13-80.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Clamp Adapter

Clamp adapter.
It can be mounted to all clamp from Hejnar Photo and clamps from other manufacture equipped with slot on center. (Benro RRS) Slot must we wider than 0.207 inch. Please refer to your clamp specification in that matter.
Adapter let you switch setup orientation very quickly. It is very helpful in application where rotating clamp below is not possible, will require substantial amount of time or it is just simpler to keep clamp below in original position and have instant 90 degree rotation for your setup.