Sunday, April 10, 2011

Manfrotto 405/410 adapter for Arca swiss Kirk Really Right Stuff clamps

This combination of plate and clamp will let you use Manfrotto geared head with any arca swiss equipment. Manfrotto gear head is more precise than ball head and preferred by many photographers. Many architectural and interior photographers actually prefer geared 3-axis tripod heads rather than ball heads because they can make precision adjustments to each axis. Two popular heads are Manfrotto 405 and 410 which each use Manfrotto QR plate. Arca-swiss plate fans can now bypass this. Clamp can disconnected from plate and use independent on other equipment if needed.

Please check
for update.
There are some changes in Manfrotto design


kramer11x said...

The 410 head would be ideal for field use with mid sized tripods like the Bogen/Manfrotto 3021 and 055 series. However I still carry teh much heavier 405 for one reason. The 410 vertical axis for camera/lens mount does is not the same as the panning axis. I cannot understand Bogen's logic for this. And based on all the comments on many forums I am not alone.

If Hejnar made an extended addition of their adapter for the 410 to align the vertical axes I would be first in line to buy one. This would be a major improvement over the current design.

Jack Kramer
Titusville, FL

Chris said...

Can you contact me at
Redesign plate for that purpose is not a big problem

luka3rd said...

I'm new to this Arca Swiss plates, but I am in a need of one simple system for a 410 head.
I see on this last, third, photo that mounting rails are 90 degrees rotated comparing to original Manfrotto design... Is this correct? This is impossible to use, as per head design, to properly tilt the camera.