Monday, April 11, 2011

Arca Swiss type Clamp for Manfrotto 222 or Bogen 3265 Joystick Head

I was machining clamps couple of weeks ago and i decided to adapt them for my old Manfrotto 222 joystick head. I believe some of newer version can accept his arca swiss type clamp also but i didn't test it. I am referring to Manfrotto 322RC2 amd Manfrotto 324RC2. As of now clamp can be placed on Joystic head only in one direction ( please check picture) Thickens of clamp must be increase about 5/16 (8mm) if i want clamp knob facing opposite direction. ( camera lens side)

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Benjamin Loo said...

I have a 324RC2 head, would like to know if the clamp available for this head?