Thursday, June 14, 2012

Linear motion micrometer adjusting micro rail

Linear motion micrometer screw focusing or micro rail. The bottom rail include Arca Swiss compatible dovetail that works with Arca Swiss type clamp while the slider is equipped with quick release clamp. Clamp can be oriented in 4 positional using center screw and dowel pins . Camera to subject distance can be adjusted in fine increments using Mitutoyo Micrometer Head with 0-25mm range and 0.01mm graduation. Micrometer head can be oriented in any direction ( default orientation is with scale facing up ) Rail will work in 90 degree orientation ( perpendicular to ground) with load up to 10lb and up to 15lb in horizontal orientation ( parallel to ground). Work very nice as replacement to Newport Linear stages

Rail is 6.300 inch long
Total length 10 inch
2.18 inch wide
2.5 inch thick with clamp
Weight 1lb.11oz (760g)
Made from Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Wear- and Water-Resistant Delrin® Acetal Resin ( slider)
Made in USA
Black hard coat anodized aluminium

Monday, June 11, 2012

10 and 14 inch 5/8 thick rails

If you are using rails mostly for lens support in combination with lens supporting brackets this two rails should make you very happy. They are as light as I can make them. All extra material has been machined out, but that does not compromise on rail strength. They do also have scale engrave for references. I decided not to included bubble level on this series. This always increase weight . If you need level please look for G014 rail series in my store.

G011-10 rail - 10 inch long - Weight 5.1 oz (146g). 

 G011-14 - 14 inch long Weight 7.1 oz (201g). 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sony Nex 5n L bracket for Arca Swiss type clamps

Quick Release Arca swiss type L bracket ( works with Really Right Stuff,  Markins,  Wimberley,  Foba Acratech etc)  for Sony (alpha) Nex 5n. It is 2 part design - base plate , and side plate. If you don't need L bracket you can remove side and use it as standard arca type camera plate. You have acces to all ports on left side.

  • 3.07 inch long
  • 2.8 height
  • 1.5 inch wide
  • Weight 2.4oz (69 g)