Monday, April 1, 2013

Manfrotto 808RC4 Arca Swiss Conversion

Fallowing very popular Arca Swiss conversions for Manfrotto 405 and Manfrotto 410 Gear heads I did create conversion plate for Manfrotto 808RC4 Pan/Tilt head.

Mounting hole location for 808 are shifted compare to 405/410 and plates from ether 405 or 410 can not be used on 808 head. Remaining specs are identical

Replacing original platform form 808 head required removing one screw from underneath and  attaching plate with two provided screws mounted as in picture below 


Faisal Maqbool said...

Hi. I have a Markins ballhead and already have an RRS clamp for it. I want to shift to Manfrotto 808RC4 3-way head for accuracy and and was wondering if I could somehow convert it to take Arca Swiss style system. Since I already have the RRS Arca style clamp, would only buying the plate suffice for me to achieve what I want to do here ? Would I be needing something else as well (any other accessory) for this conversion ? Looking forward to your reply.

Faisal` .

Chris said...

If you have RRS clamp with 2 side hole spacing 45mm apart (22.5 from center ) or 30mm spacing (15mm from center) you can purchase only plate and your own clamps as long as will mount on more than 2 screw you will be fine

Faisal Maqbool said...

That sounds different. I have the RRS pano clamp which is round in shape and has only one big hole in the middle which is holding it on the ballhead. Does that mean I will have to purchase the full kit including the clamp as well ? Thanks.

Chris said...

You can use it but if you mount only with one hole there is no way to prevent panning clamp from spinning around center.
You can try but I would just place panning clamp with dovetail inside a clamp a t top of adapter plate. I would purchase set wit a clamp but this is me. I rather have solid connection than save $60

Faisal Maqbool said...

You're right, I purchased this round pano clamp to be able to rotate its base when needed for making panoramas because it has a rotating base controlled with a small sub-knob. Anyways, I would just buy your full set to prevent any doubts and have a solid connection. Thanks for your help.