Sunday, December 30, 2012

Manfrotto 400 gear head conversion plate

Manfrotto Deluxe 400 gear head is most expensive  heavy-duty head designed primarily for use on studio column stands or larger tripods, and for use with large or medium format cameras. It offers the ultimate in precision 3-way geared adjustment and control. Self-locking foldaway cranks allow 360° panning, +30° and -90° of frontal tilt & +/- 7.5° of lateral tilt. Side to side levelling is controlled by a separated handle. The bubble level aids in precise positioning. Until know user of this head were out of luck and could not use it any arca swiss type connection. New Hejnar PHOTO conversion plate for this head let you mount arca swiss clamp on top. Mounting conversion plate on top of   gear head can be done in few simple steps.

  1. Remove original mounting platform - remove two screws on each side of original mounting platform with provided hex wrench 
  2. Remove mounting platform from head. 
  3. Remove lock down mechanism on platform back (opposite to original Manfrotto main level ) This small section can be removed by unscrewing two flat head screws. Save this plate together with flat head screws. If you ever decide to go back you will need them. They are not required for conversion plate mount.
  4. Insert replacement M400 plate in opening. Round section should slide under original front V grove the same way original Manfrotto plate does. Close level
  5. Attach M400 replacement plate to mounting platform with two provided screw from underneath where two nuts holding back plate ware located. Keep M400 press against front V 
  6. Reattached platform to gear head by mounting two side removed in step one.
  7. Attache clamp in any direction you need it. Clamp attaché with one center ¼-20 screw and two 10-32 side screw

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