Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Micrometer adjusting micro rail with 50mm travel

New addition to my macro rail. Linear motion micrometer screw focusing or micro rail with 50 mm travel.

The bottom rail include Arca Swiss compatible dovetail that works with Arca Swiss type clamp while the slider is equipped with quick release clamp. Clamp can be oriented in 4 positional using center screw and dowel pins. Camera to subject distance can be adjusted in fine increments using Mitutoyo Micrometer Head with 0-50mm range and 0.01mm graduation. Micrometer head can be oriented in any direction ( default orientation is with scale facing up ) Rail will work in 90 degree orientation ( perpendicular to ground) with load up to 4kg and up to 5lb in horizontal orientation ( parallel to ground) .

Design is identical to my popular macro rail with 25mm travel.
Total length when micrometer is set at 50mm mark is 14 inches  (355mm)  Weight 2.2lb  (963g)

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