Saturday, December 24, 2011

Black Knobs on Clamps

I will start adding clamps with black knob to my store inventory.
Many of you prefer black over silver surface.
F61ab - 1.50 inch clamp with black knob is already available in my store, and I added 3.25 inch  and 2.375 inch clamp with short black knob today.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Modular lens support

Original Design 

Many of you are using lens support brackets with lens/camera combos. In this combo the distance between lens barrel and mounting surface (either lens foot or camera bottom)  is limited. When the lens is equipped with a tall lens foot, there is no problem using the clamp on the rail. This provides for quick height adjustment, handy if you change lenses often. If you mount a clamp on the rail end, your lens foot is closer to the lens barrel and you will have problems with lowering the bracket. This is happening because the V groove on the LLSB side does not run the full length. The solutions until now were to either
             1) Increase distance by using dual sided clamp (or clamp set) between camera or lens foot and     vertical mounting rail.
             2) Use 90 degree connector mounted under horizontal rail for clamp mount
             3) Use center slot and screw mount option  instead of clamp. But L wrench needed to adjust height.

I was trying to make this bracket work for everybody, but no matter how I designed it there was some kind of problem. Finally, I decided to make this two part assembly where you can mix and match the wheel section and the rail itself.  Now you can have a shorter 2 inch, longer 3 inch, or any other rail you may need. Rail has V slot along hole length. On the top of this rail I can mount a wheel section. Again, the wheel section can be now wide or narrow and tall or short. I didn't produce many different wheel section designs, but they are going to be available soon.
Combinations are endless and you can match them to any lens/camera combo.
I can also make a smaller wheel diameter to allow you to bring your lens closer to the rail.
Rails ( 3 and 2 inch)

Wheel section. Wheels are equipped with soft rubber 

Wheel section and rail mount using two screws 

You can use 1.5 inch clamp on rail end 

Distance between horizontal rail and lens barrel will shorten if you use 1 inch clamp on rail end instead of 1.5  inch.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Arca Swiss type clamp for Manfrotto 468MGRC2

Manfrotto 468MGRC2  hydro static head is very popular. By adding one more hole to back of my F62 and F63 series clamps i was able to adapt clamps  for 468MG head.   After pressing  small pin  into that additional clamp hole and removing original RC2 clamping system from Manfrotto I have Arca Swiss type clamp mounted on Manfrotto 468MG Head.  Hardest part was to remove small screw from original setup. After that was out of the way placing clamp on 468 head takes few second. You have to align small pin with hole on round platform and attache clamp using original screw . Pin will prevent clamp from twisting. 
Pack original Manfrotto mounting system in save place and go shooting.

Available in my store for $65.00