Friday, August 26, 2011

Arca Swiss Conversion for Manfrotto 3433, 3460.3465 Heads , 501 &503 Pro Video Heads

Manfrotto conversion set for system using 3433PL Mounting plate
(supplied with the 3433, 3460, 3465 heads, 501 & 503 Pro Video heads and system using special 501PLONG accessory plate). This combination of plate and clamp will let you use Manfrotto with arca swiss quipment. Clamp can disconnected from plate and use independent on other equipment if needed.

F12A -1.5 inch clamp with smaller black knob for Arca Swiss systems

Just small change to my F12 clamps. Instead of 1.00 diameter silver knob i offer now option wirh 3/4 diameter black knob. It will work better for same application where original knob is to big and interference with other equipment.
As usually Socket is countersunk on top for 1/4-20 or M6 screw but also threaded 3⁄8”-16.

Nikon D300 D300s D700 L bracket

New L bracket for Nikon D700/D300/D300s . It is 2 part design as usual for all my L brackets. Base plate, and side plate. The elongated slot let you move L bracket about 5/8 inch away from camera and connect to your computer if you are using tethered shooting mode. If you don't need L bracket you can remove side and use it as standard arca type camera plate.
Left side door cannot be accessed with this bracket mounted against camera

Sunday, August 21, 2011

HejZal Monopod Head

Monopod head.( HEJZAL line ) is few days away from being finish. I just have to assembly them

Clamp can be mounted on Head in three different orientation with knob on left or right. ( parallel to to the tilt orientatione) and with clamp knob on back. If you have to switch clamp orientation all you have to do is to release center screws (1/4-20) few turns, and then rotate clamp to desired position ..
MH can be mounted directly on 3/8-16 stud found in most monopods. If you need 1/4-20 connection you will need reducing bushing. Bushing when not needed is store on monopod head itself . They are two round openings under clamp to the left and right of center axis for that purpouse. Monopod head is equiped with Hejzal line of clamp. HejZal clamp is equiped with wrench storage, wrench cab be locked in the clamp body, so there is no need to carry screw driver or wrench in your pocket.
Features an Arca Swiss compatible bidirectional dovetail on foot to add versatility. MH can be place in any arca swiss clamp in any direction.


Weight 14.5 (411g) with clamp
1.5 inch wide square base
Height 3.625 inch
Mounting 3/8-16 socket on base
Bidirectional dovetail design on base

Thursday, August 11, 2011

6" 5" 4" rail 1/2 inch thick

Few additional products from G010 series.
This time 6 5 and 4 inch rails. 6 inch rail work very nice with 70-200 Lenses in combination with Lens support bracket. Shorter 4 and 5 inch rails was requested by some who want to use lens support but 6 and inch rails are to long.
Of course 6 inch rail can be combine with 90 degree connector block and create panorama base

6.5 inch nodal slide E33 rail

Just a small change to 6.5 inch rail.(E31)
Bubble Level has been added and this required center slot to be shorter. New version number E33.