Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Manfrotto 410 Extended adapter plate for Arca Swiss

Manfrotto 410 conversion plate. This is extended version.  Clamp center is located on Manfrotto 410 camera/lens mount axis and it is the same as the head panning base. In other words, if you look down through the 3/8 mount hole on the 410 it is the exact center of the bottom panning control. When the head is panned both the head and camera/lens rotate around the same axis. For distant subjects original Manfrotto arrangement for this gear head is just an inconvenience. But for critical panoramic or most especially macro work this is a killer and makes the 410 useless. Using this adapter plate/clamp combination you can enjoy your pano and macro photography again.

Plate Specification:

  • 4.550 inch long.
  • 2.560 inch wide.
  • 0.625 inch thick.
  • Weight 3.6 oz (180 g)


goetz47 said...

I use the Manfrotto Junior Geared Head 410, but different from all your pictures it has a quick release lever (which is not visible on Manfrottos own product pictures, but in their technical drawings and f.i. here: http://www.traumflieger.de/shop/product_info.php?products_id=416 . I bought it in 2008, so before the new design. Are there differences in compatability? Are there still different plates (0 and 1)?

Nick said...

Installing this plate requires the removal of the old release lever and release plate, which is why it isn't visible on the photos (found this detail in the eBay description for the product).

andy said...

Hi, might be a silly question but do you notice any wobble or movement due to this extending plate hanging away from the original base.

Chris said...

No it not an issue
It is planty of material compare to hanging distance that deflection is not a factor