Monday, July 11, 2011

Update to Manfrotto 405/410 conversion system

Old Design

I just learned that As of June/July 2011 Manfrotto made some changes to their 405/410 gear head. Changes are not big but it will cause some compatibility issues with my current adapter plate for arca swiss clamps. If you look on picture below you will see that additional hole has been placed between big tapped holes (currently use for mounting conversion plate) and edge.
If you notice that additional hole on your gear head you can be sure that my current plate will not work.
My current setup will only work with previous revision of gear heads. Please check opening location before placing order. See drawing and picture for references.
New Design

New adapter plate will be ready in few weeks. I am not sure currently if i can make one design to work with two models. I am awaiting for new gear head to arrive and then i can determinate that.
Will keep you updated

July 26 2011
New plates for 405/410 Manfrotto gear heads are going to be ready by the end of July.
I hade to make two different design to accommodate changes Manfrotto did in last few months to this heads. Outside they are going to be identical but mounting hole location will be different so if you going to order please be sure you are ordering plate to ether older head ( REV 0 plate ) or new (REV1) Plate . I will post picture in few days when plates arrive .

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