Sunday, January 22, 2012

USPS shipping cost 30% increase

I was just preparing shipping for tomorrow (Monday). I know post office will increase price on January 22 2012 but increase of 30% for international packages is ridicules.
Express mail international  used  to cost $29.95 now it is $39.00 for up to 2kg package.....
I don't want o know how much is going to cost  10kg package now ( it was $55.00)
if you don't believe me

Monday at the post office
USPS  introduced new services and new shipping options. One of them is express mail flat rate box. So i went to post office on first day of new shipping rate to use that nice options

Guess what. Nobody in service  had idea that this option is available and when i asked for boxes so i can use this option "they are not available yet ( maybe you can order on line)" . Yes i can order (maybe) but i want express to be on the way TODAY not two weeks later
So USPS thanks for being ready for price increase and for introducing new products ( on paper because I can not use them since required express flat rate box is not available)

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