Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Universal L brackets - modular components

In past few weeks I did machine few different components needed for assembly of L bracket.
Since each L bracket is two part design you can mix and mach base ( currently 3 different length)  with L bracket side ( currently 5 different length) to create your own custom L bracket.
If particular combination will be highly popular I will add them to my store as package.Please see drawing below for base and side specification.
Base 1

Base 2

Base 3

 Side 1
 Side 2
 Side 3
 Side 4
Side 5

I think we will use L bracket naming as base number and side number 
So combination of base 3 and side 4 will be L bracket 34 -  This particular L bracket will work with cameras with battery grip attached

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Alan said...

Hi, I'm excited about possibly getting one of these for my Olympus EM-5. Will you by any chance be making a dedicated bracket for that camera?