Monday, February 13, 2012

5/8 thick 8 inch long base rail

This is newest addition to my arsenal of base rails. 8 inch long and 5/8 thick.  Main purpose of  this type of rails  is to help you convert a standard clamp from different manufactures into a rail/clamp combination used as nodal slide for your gear. You can mount any size clamp onto this rail. You are not limited to a 1.5 inch clamp as on rails with integrated clamps.
If you own a clamp from any manufacturer you can mount it on the rail. If you want the clamp to go higher so that the end of the rail will not be visible in your viewfinder you can use a 1/4 or 3/8  ot other size spacer block.
I do provide 2 dowel pins with the rail. They prevent clamp from twisting . If you own a clamp with a groove it will help placing the pin(s) into the rail hole and align with the groove on the clamp. My own clamps incorporate extra holes for aligning the clamp on the rail and preventing it from twisting.
Some clamps you will have to mount without pins. They do not have any opening where anti twisting pins can be located. In that situation you can use an index stop bar to prevent the clamp from twisting. Clamp can be placed on the rail in orientation where the clamp knob is on its back or on its side. Rail has scale engraved on each side instead of top. It is also equipped with 1/4-20 taped hole and holes for dowel pins if you decide to mount clamp on rail end and use for lens support bracket or any other accessories
Model E50
Front Holes .  One 1/4-20 taped and two holes for 5mm Dowel Pins 
Using front 1/4-20 taped hole  and 5mm dowel pin you can mount clamp on rail end and use assemble  for lens support

Clamp mounting 5mm dowel pins. They prevent clamps from twisting 
 Clamp can be mounted in any orientation
Rail will accept various size clamps

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