Sunday, October 9, 2011

New clamps

Few addition to my clamps

Table top clamp(F60) - 1.00 inch wide  with center hole as always countersunk for 1/4-20 and M6 screws but also threaded 3/8-16. It works great with small point and shoot camera with combination of arca swiss type clamps. 

Second addition is 2.375 inch clamp with bubble level. (F72)
This clamp was long overdue since i had tons of request for a clamp with built in bubble level.

Since I had to removed  side holes from this model to have room for the level I also found room on the opposite side for a dowel pin locator. Now two of them can be connected back to back  in various orientation to each other by using pins and bushing.

Also 4 inch clamps are back in stock as always with short and long knob options.

And since I had request from Germany to build 122mm (4.8 inch) clamp same of them are also available. Please not that they do have 3/8-16 taped holes spaced 35mm apart. 

Also i do have all clamps available with black knobs 

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