Monday, January 24, 2011

Nikon D7000 L bracket......almost ready

I had a lot of question about plate and L bracket for Nikon D7000.

L bracket is almost ready. It is in anodizing process. I am expecting it back by end of January. L bracket is 3 part design . Plate , 90 degree connector and side plate. You can remove base plate from 90 degree connector and use it as camera plate. Long mounting center slot will let you slide L bracket about one inch to the left to access side ports on camera body. Nice future to have if you are going to use tethered shooting. I will post picture as soon as part are back. Price is going to be $99.99


Anonymous said...

any news on the bracket.

Chris said...

First batch is gone. I sold 50 of so of them. Ne revised model made from two parts will be in my store next week. I hope before Fathers day weekend