Wednesday, December 1, 2010

8 inch Rail with clamp

This is new 8.00 inch rai with 1.5 inch mini clamp. Something similar to rail with integrated clamp after assembled.
I do provide 2 dowel pins with rail. They prevent clamp from twisting. Clamp itself is 1.5 inch with dual mounting and captive style knob. Hard coat black anodized surface.

Main purpose of this rail is to help you convert standard clamp from different manufactures into rail/clamp combination.
Couple of months ago I had request to make rail with integrated clamp but clamps had to be wider than 1.5 inch since some cameras and L bracket do not work well with 1.5 inch clamps(camera to big, L brackets has a special cut for battery door opening -Nikon D40 for example). Instead incorporate wider jaws I decide to make a rail where you can mount clamp you already own and save some $$$$.
At the same time somebody else was asking for making jaws higher above rail level. He was using short lens and could see end of rail in his lens. Sure I could do that or make rail shorter. Instead making couple of expensive products I decided to make something much less expensive and as universal as possible.
This rail is what we decided to do. If you have clamp from any manufacture you can mount it on rail. If you want clamp go higher just use 1/4 spacer block ($ 14.99 at my e-bay store) and you are there.
I do provide 2 dowel pins with rail. They prevent clamp from twisting . If you own clamp with grove, it will help placing pin(s) in rail hole and align with grove on clamps. My own Hejnar Photo clamps incorporate extra hole for aligning clamp on rail (see picture 14) and preventing it from twisting.
Some clamps you will have to mount without pins. They do not have any opening where anti twisting pins can be located.

This rail can also accept other size of clamps 2.375 and 3.25.
Clamp can be positioned with knob facing back or knob on a side ( right or left). One anti rotating pin will keep clamp from twisting.

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